Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Whiskey Rebel Central's Inaugural Post

Welcome to Whiskey Rebel Central! The purpose of this blog is to serve local historical societies, genealogical societies, and related historical organizations in Southwestern Pennsylvania as a clearinghouse for your information. I will post articles and thoughts of my own, but what I really started this blog for is to provide you with an additional outlet for information about your historical organization. Send your

• event announcements,
• reports on events attended,
• society profiles,
• member profiles and memorials,
• newsletter articles from your historical society's newsletter,
• original articles on your community's history,
• book publishing announcements for yourself , members, acquaintances,

and really, anything about your local history organization, or the history of your area or community, that you want to. Email them to and I'll post them on this blog.

Has there been some new discovery about the history of your community? For example, a house was found to be a part of the Underground Railroad? Or a cache of historical records was found in an old business? Did someone recently donate artifacts or archives to your society? Did your historical society recently receive a grant? Do did you read a book you'd like to tell everyone about? Did you read a newspaper or other article on local history that you want to share the link to?

It is my hope for this blog that historical societies and related organizations use it as one more venue to get their information out to the public. And that others use it as a one-stop-shop to find out what's going on in local history organizations in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

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